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The mechanism of the immune response against ERAAP-deficient cells

The immune system monitors the inner workings of all cells of the body in its search for abnormal cells, whether they be infected or otherwise transformed. Every cell displays its intracellular peptides on its surface, and specialized cells of the immune system called T cells examine these peptides. The repertoire of peptides presented on the surface is a representation of the state of the cell; an abnormal peptide repertoire indicates an abnormal cell. An important part of the processing pathway that peptides undergo before being presented is ERAAP, an enzyme that trims peptides. The immune system can detect inhibition of ERAAP, and my project explores the mechanism of this immune response. I will study this with regards to one specific gene that is in the altered peptide repertoire of ERAAP-inhibited cells. By understanding this gene and its presentation on the surface, I hope to elucidate the mechanism of immune response.

Message To Sponsor

This award gives me the opportunity to pursue my interest in immunology in a lab setting for the entire summer. I can significantly expand my project from the school year in my efforts to ultimately write an honors thesis for MCB. As I am very interested in immunology and medicine, this lab experience will help shape my post-graduation plans. I am very excited to participate in this program and greatly appreciate the opportunities that it provides.
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Major: Molecular and Cell Biology
Mentor: Nilabh Shastri, Molecular & Cell Biology
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