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Hong Joo Ryoo L&S Math & Physical Sciences

Boundary Conditions in Three-Body Scattering

As a SURF fellow, my research project focuses on testing the effectiveness of a proposal presented in a previous paper for quantum computations of scattering observables when three-body intermediate states are involved. The proposal offers a strategy to deal with the finite system size and periodic spatial volume limitations that current quantum computation strategies face. We aim to investigate the impact of boundary conditions on the extraction of hadronic and Compton-like scattering amplitudes and quantify the systematic uncertainty that arises. By applying the proposed improvement strategy based on the reduced symmetry of the finite volume system, we aim to suppress unwanted volume distortions and enhance the accuracy of the extracted physical scattering amplitudes. This research has the potential to improve the simulation of strongly interacting field theories, including quantum chromodynamics, and access Minkowski-signature correlators with physical time evolution.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you very much for your generous funding of my research project. I am excited to continue my research over the summer and am honored to have your support. I appreciate your generosity and belief in my work.
Major: Physics, Applied Mathematics, Philosophy, and Cognitive Science
Mentor: Raúl Briceño
Sponsor: Wang & Wang Fund
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