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Hong Joo Ryoo Rose Hills

Unification and Information Paradoxes

My research asks whether quantum mechanical characterizations of a black hole are consistent with certain solutions to paradoxes. In particular, I plan to consider the Firewall Paradox, a problem arising from entanglement in a black hole’s presence. This view suggests a breaking of entanglement that leads to intense radiation. Using a formulation of hard, soft, and far modes, I will investigate a proposed solution known as the Final State Solution. By constructing the possible solution through the lens of the various modes, I aim to contribute to a deeper, more unified understanding of black hole paradoxes and their quantum mechanics. Finally, I will address the current limitations and pushback involving the violation of unitarity within the final state solution and attempt to draw various insights from the hard, soft, and far mode formulation.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot. Being able to work on research during the summer when I am the most intellectually driven from leisure. This donation will provide for my needs during my research and time at school. I thank you once again for supporting me!
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Major: Physics, Applied Mathematics, and Philosophy
Mentor: Yasunori Nomura
Sponsor: Rose Hills Foundation
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