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Hussin Kordi Humanities and Social Science

Re-Imagining Food Systems: From Charity to Solidarity

There are 50 million individuals suffering from hunger in the United States an absurdity when one considers the amount of food produced and wasted. Without accessible alternatives, North America and Europe waste nearly half of their excess consumable food. Despite an abundance of charity and emergency food services, the traditional hand-out model cannot seem to remedy the hunger epidemic. My research will examine nonprofit organizations in food security; I will examine how these organizations may contribute to more structurally transformative, long-term solutions in the communities they serve while simultaneously providing for short-term needs. I will conduct field research through participant observation and interviews with people involved in food pantries, soup kitchens, and nonprofit organizations in the food desert of east Oakland, California. I will seek to understand why current efforts have fallen short, and how to re-imagine the way non-State actors engage in hunger alleviation and food security.

Message To Sponsor

Food security is located at the intersection of human rights, social justice, and economic policythis research opportunity will allow me to explore the interaction of these complex issues. By understanding the state of food security in the Bay Area, I will be better equipped to work in communities through both activism and academic scholarship. I hope my research will help enlighten the path from charity to sustainability and empowerment. Ultimately, completing this fellowship will sharpen my skills in critical investigation, which will be invaluable as I pursue a career in writing, journalism, and activism.
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Major: Peace and Conflict Studies
Mentor: Clare Talwalker, International & Area Studies
Sponsor: JSB Fund
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