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Isaac Kreisman Humanities and Social Science

The Food System and Ecological Ethics

Because I am an out-of-state student, the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship allows me to stay near UC Berkeley and its resources. Without the distractions of academic coursework during the summer, I have the freedom and time to delve into theory and materials from a multitude of disciplines. I am excited to work with my mentors and my SURF cohorts. I am grateful both for the opportunity to conduct an independent research project and for the supportive environment of the SURF community.

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I am so excited and honored by the opportunity to participate in SURF. As an undergraduate, having a concerted and uninterrupted block of time to pursue my own intellectual interests in a guided but independent program is really unique. This gives me the opportunity to delve deep into my topic, and spend the summer doing exactly what I want to be doing: reading great books and talking to fascinating people.
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Major: Philosophy
Mentor: Linda Rugg, Scandinavian Studies
Sponsor: Wishek Fund
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