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Jaime Zendejas L&S Sciences

Development Of the Digital Acoustic Noise Cancellation System

My research will focus on the development of a digital acoustic noise cancellation system. The system will be capable of taking recorded data, that has some amount of noise due to acoustic interference on it, and removing said noise from the data without affecting the data in any other way. This type of system is widely applicable to work done in many different STEM fields, but has particular importance in the field of physics. Many research projects in the field use some form of measurement of energy deposited into a system as a way of data taking. However, those results can be affected by unwanted deposition of energy by sound waves striking the measurement apparatus. As a result, the data taken may have false signals present due to these acoustics. Thus, the aim of my project is to find a simple and effective way to remove this noise from the data after measurement.

Message To Sponsor

This fellowship meant that I would be able to work on research that I love without having to worry about where my rent is going to come from. It enabled me to pursue my passion with less stress and through that I have gained invaluable experience in what it is like to work full time as a research scientist. This experience is something I will carry with me throughout all my future decisions in life.
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Major: Physics
Mentor: Yury Kolomensky
Sponsor: Anselm M&PS Fund
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