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Graphene CVD Growth and Electrical Measurements

Discovered in 2004, graphene is a single atom thick sheet of carbon arranged in a hexagonal lattice. It is also the most conductive material at room temperature known to humankind and many believe it could replace silicon and change the future of computers and other electrical devices. Despite this, there is a long way to go before reaping the benefits of its potential applications. Because graphene is a relatively new material, scientists and engineers are still in the process of learning about its production, properties, and capabilities. For my summer research project and honors thesis, I will be synthesizing graphene by varying growth conditions, and then will investigate and compare the differences between them. This research will make progress in creating an optimal standard protocol for making high quality graphene. The information obtained from this research can be applied to creating more efficient graphene-based semiconductors to replace silicon-based semiconductors in circuits, computers, and other electronic devices.

Message To Sponsor

The SURF grant has given me the invaluable opportunity to conduct full-time research this summer in UC Berkeleys world renowned condensed matter physics/materials science laboratory. It allows me to gain experience in research by developing, managing, and driving a project to completion. I am very interested in physics and materials science and am very excited to work as a scientist to help tackle fascinating problems whose solutions can motivate technological progress. Furthermore, this will teach me many skills that will prepare me for the next stage of my life: graduate school.
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Major: Physics
Mentor: Feng Wang, Physics
Sponsor: Pergo Fund
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