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Jinen (Timothy) Guo L&S Sciences

Experimental Implementation of RF Electron Traps and Trapped-Electron Qubits

Quantum algorithms that take advantage of principles of quantum mechanics are able to solve certain problems (e.g. factorization of a large integer) much more efficiently than classical algorithms. One of the most promising candidates for qubit (the equivalent of a classical bit in quantum computing) implementation is the trapped ion. Although there have been promising results in trapped ion quantum information processing (QIP), it involves extensive use of lasers in cooling, readout, and qubit operations, which makes it challenging to scale up the system to many qubits. My research will focus on investigating a novel qubit by trapping electrons in Paul traps (radio-frequency traps). With trapped-electron qubits, we could avoid extensive use of lasers as required for trapped-ion qubits. Moreover, the electrons light mass (~ four orders of magnitude lighter than ions) provides a possibility of speeding up two-qubit gates, thus increasing the overall efficiency comparing to trapped-ion QIP. In my project, I will try to trap electrons, detect their presence inside the trap, and characterize their properties in the trap.

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My research this summer is one of the most rewarding adventures of my college career. I have gained precious knowledge and insights from conversations with my mentors, exciting papers from all over the world, and actually building apparatus that no one has ever built before. The fellowship provided me an opportunity to experience the life of an experimental physicist for a whole summer, and helped me figure out where my real passion lies.
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Major: Physics
Mentor: Hartmut Hffner
Sponsor: Kwatinetz Fund
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