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Justin Hauver Humanities and Social Science

Creativity in Nietzsche and Heidegger: The Relation of Art and Artist

Friedrich Nietzsche spent much of his philosophy denying Being and replacing our conception of it with a notion of becoming. In sharp contrast Martin Heidegger produced a work titled Being and Time and saw the illumination of Being as the central task of philosophy. This tension is reproduced in the way each philosopher deals with the creation of art, yet there is a peculiar way in which the aesthetic philosophies of Nietzsche and Heidegger interact and seem to complement each other. My research is concerned with the connection between these diverging views on art. I am especially interested in the notion of creativity, both in the artist and in the act of creating. To get clearer on this, I will be focusing on the relationship between the artist and the work of art, and with the link between the act of creation and the world out of which it emerges.

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This summer I am very excited to have to opportunity to research something that has been an interest of mine for some time now. In classes there is always so much to say and to read but not enough time to really get into it all. SURF, however, allows me to take the time to pursue those interests and for this I am very grateful. It also a great opportunity to work closely with professors and staff, and to get a feel for what it takes to outline a larger project and then to be afforded the time to carefully fill in the details.
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Major: Philosophy, German
Mentor: Hans Sluga, Philosophy
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