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Keto, De Zhang L&S Sciences

Numerical Simulation of the Ejecta Velocity Distribution of Type Ia Supernovae

Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) are generally thought to be the thermonuclear disruption of a carbon-oxygen white-dwarf star, but their formation scenarios and exact progenitor systems are still ambiguous. SNe Ia are used as standardizable candles used for measuring distances in the universe. Famously, SNe Ia are being used to determine the acceleration at which the universe is expanding (i.e., Hubble constant). Knowing more about the formation and progenitor of SNe Ia may help correct some assumptions made when using SNe Ia to measure distances. The photospheric velocity of SNe Ia measured from the strong Si II 6355 absorption line in their spectrum at the time of peak brightness is one such parameter useful to study various properties of SNe Ia. Recent studies reveal that the distribution of SN Ia velocity does not originate from a uniform class. I will be exploring the plausibility of the theory that the non-uniformity of SN Ia velocity distribution is caused by ejecta velocity asymmetries of SN Ia explosions observed from different line of sights.

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Anselm M&PS Fund, thank you! Thank you for the opportunity you've given me this summer. I was able to get real research experience that will prove useful in my next step, graduate school. This opportunity made me realize that I love doing computational work in the field of astrophysics which exactly matches my major of Astrophysics and Data Science. I'm happy to report that the work this summer is planning to be published in a scientific journal; this will be my first publication!
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Major: Astrophysics and Data Science
Mentor: WeiKang Zheng, Alexei V. Filippenko
Sponsor: Anselm Fund
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