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Luc Nguyen L&S Math & Physical Sciences

Coloumb Crystallization on Graphene

Transistors are the building blocks of modern technology. Layering additional materials on top can greatly change the characteristics of these devices, but it can be a difficult process. What if, instead, a molecule layer could be deposited instead, and manipulated into a desired state? This is possible by placing molecules on top of graphene and applying voltages to control them. However, this process is time consuming, and simulations are a necessary preliminary step in order to gain insight into the behavior of molecules. Previous simulations have shown promising results, but further in depth simulation along with some laboratory work is needed to carry this out.

Message To Sponsor

Completing this project will be an immensely invaluable experience for me. I would like to offer my gratitude to {donor name} for providing the resources needed to carry this out. This would not be possible without your support.
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Major: Physics, Applied Mathematics
Mentor: Michael Crommie
Sponsor: Zara
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