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Mark Phuong L&S Sciences

Species or lineages? Distribution modeling of ancient, phylogeographic lineages of California ground squirrels under present, past, and future climates

Species Distribution Models (SDMs) provide one of the only methods for projecting the future distribution of species and are increasingly used to prioritize conservation efforts. SDMs correlate species’ occurrence points with climatic variables (e.g., temperature and precipitation) to produce a distributional map of the climatic limits of a species. Genetic studies of geographic variation within species, or phylogeography, often uncover cryptic lineages that have remained evolutionarily isolated for thousands to millions of years. My research assesses how identifying cryptic diversity within species affects the predictions of SDMs. Faced with climate change, accurately identifying critical regions for management remains a key issue in effectively conserving Earth’s biodiversity.
See Mark’s interview on the Understanding Evolution web site, a project of the University of California Museum of Paleontology.

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Nothing excites me more than having the chance to devote all my time, effort, and thoughts toward better understanding the creatures that share our planet. SURF gives me that opportunity.
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Major: Integrative Biology
Mentor: Craig Moritz, Integrative Biology
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