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Understanding the effect of aging on the lactate receptor GPR81 and metabolic inflexibility

The primary objective of this research proposal is to examine the effect of aging on the lactate receptor GPR81 and metabolic inflexibility. GPR81 gets activated by lactate among the series of short-chain carboxylic acids and reduces intracellular cAMP levels that influence the inhibition of fatty acid transporter and lipolysis (Ahmed, Kashan, et al., p315). Metabolic flexibility is the cells’ ability to shift from one energy source to the next, for example, glucose to fat. With aging, there is a reduction in the ability to shift energy sources. The inability for old people to use fat as metabolic fuel is called metabolic inflexibility (Rooney and Paul, p1315). Therefore, understanding the role of GPR81 with aging is of importance. Hence, this research proposal seeks to bridge the gap of understanding the role of GPR81 and metabolic inflexibility with aging. The study will form the foundation for future researchers and scholars in the investigating metabolic inflexibility.

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To the Rose Hills Foundation: Thank you so much for the much needed financial support for my project.
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Major: Cell & Developmental Biology
Mentor: George Brooks
Sponsor: SURF Rose Hills Independent
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