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Nicole Lang Humanities and Social Science

The Stone Age meets the Digital Age: The Application of Three Dimensional Techniques for the Study of Lithic Artifact

My project explores the ways in which 3D, digital technology can assist in analyzing and teaching about lithic technologies, e.g. stone tools. Over the summer of 2013, I will experiment with different methods that allow me to reproduce accurate 3D models that will be included in an online digital reference dictionary. The methods I will be using are photography of Jordanian lithic material and computerized 3D modeling from the photographs to reproduce the models digitally. I will be working closely with my mentor, Lisa Maher, a Jordanian lithics expert, to teach me how lithics were produced, as it is essential for me to know this process to reproduce accurate models.

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I have a passion for learning about the evolving technologies of early humans. After taking a class at a small community college in which I was required to recreate a tool kit of stone tools without modern technology, I had a desire to learn as much about it as possible and transmit that knowledge to others. This project has the potential to make the transmission of information about stone tools more accessible to a wide audience. In addition, the digital aspect of this project has the potential to impact the increasing debate regarding issues of cultural heritage.
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Major: Anthropology
Mentor: Lisa Maher, Anthropology
Sponsor: JSB Fund
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