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Patrick Kelly L&S Social Sciences

Alternative Measurements of Consensus Scoring in Emotion Perception

This research aims to test whether an alternative measure of consensus scoring, called Cultural Consensus Theory, provides a better aggregate of participant responses for emotional stimuli than traditional averaging in an emotion perception experiment. I hypothesize that the Cultural Consensus Model will yield higher correlations between subjects individual ratings of emotion than when correlated with the traditional consensus rating. Thus, allowing for a more accurate “correct” answer for emotion perception tasks when investigating individual differences across subjects. In addition to providing a more accurate measure of the true emotional rating within the cultural context of the specific participants, it will contribute to the field by providing an alternative framework through which to analyze and understand with greater accuracy the perception of emotion and the assessment of individual differences like emotional intelligence. This experiment serves as a behavioral means of testing emotional intelligence and, when correlated with standardized Emotional Intelligence survey, hopes to yield a more accurate measure of inferential emotional processing. In doing so, I hope to more accurately measure relationship between participants’ emotion processing ability and their emotional intelligence.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you very much for allowing me the opportunity to spend the summer conducting research! I am honored to be able to conduct this research at such a prestigious institution and am very much looking forward to contributing to the field of cognitive neuroscience. It is opportunities like this that train the next generation of academics and give aspiring scientists the opportunity to get the real hands on experience that will lead to more exciting discoveries in the future. All of this is possible thanks to your generous support and we will all be forever grateful for it!
Major: Psychology and Anthropology
Mentor: David Whitney
Sponsor: Wishek Fund
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