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Previn Ganesan Rose Hills

IQGAP's Mechanism and Role in Vascular Function

In asthma, contraction of the airway smooth muscle leads to increased work of breathing and respiratory failure. Smooth muscle contraction is regulated by the GTPase RhoA, whose active form inactivates myosin light chain phosphatase. The inactivation of MLC phosphatase then sensitizes smooth muscle to Ca++ within the cytosol and leads to smooth muscle contraction. In preliminary data, we have found that IQGAP1 affects RhoA activity by acting as a scaffold for the recruitment of a known inhibitor of RhoA activityp190A-RhoGAP. This summer, I propose experiments that will further test the hypothesis that IQGAP1 inhibits RhoA activity through p190A-RhoGAP. These experiments will provide new information on the molecular determinants of airway smooth muscle contraction, which could ultimately provide therapeutic targets for the treatment of airway smooth muscle contraction in asthma.

Message To Sponsor

This is a fantastic opportunity for me to experience a key aspect of being a physician/scientist. I truly appreciate the ability to not only learn a variety of procedures and laboratory techniques but also observe the overall approach to research scientists take. I am extremely grateful for receiving this fellowship thanks to the Rose Hills Foundation, and I can't wait to spend time exploring the field of biochemistry and research science.
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Major: Molecular and Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Mentor: Dr. Mallar Bhattacharya, Pulmonary and Critical Care, UCSF
Sponsor: SURF Rose Hills fellow
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