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Prithvi Pande Rose Hills

Research Proposal for General Chemistry Lab Development

The undergraduate chemistry curricula at UC Berkeley has been undergoing a series of changes in the past years to update the experiments and increase their relevancy to students as they move on through their college careers. The main goals of this curriculum redesign are centered on creating experiments that give students an understanding and appreciation for green chemistry, and designing curricula that embodies authentic practice allowing students to experience science as it occurs outside the classroom setting and giving them insights into how research is realistically conducted. The project I am focusing on is a continuation of an experiment we designed the past year revolving around the aquatic toxicity of commonly used pesticides. The aim is to complete the lab module, currently only two experiments, with a third experiment which allows chemistry students to conduct an in vivo assay of their specific compound, giving students an insight into toxicology and its relationship with chemistry.

Message To Sponsor

Being a part of the Lab Redesign and Development research group at Berkeley has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had and I am extremely grateful to SURF and the Rose Hills Foundation for giving me the opportunity to continue doing this research for one final summer as I finish the production of the project I started one year ago. I am extremely grateful that I have been given the opportunity to give back to the school and help in the educational experience for many of the students who will pass through these courses.
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Major: Molecular and Cell Biology
Mentor: Michelle Douskey, Chemistry
Sponsor: Rose Hills
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