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Robynne Lindsey Humanities and Social Science

An Exploration of the Perceptions and Utilization of Networks in Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C. is arguably the nation’s largest hotspot for young adults seeking professional careers. College students who aspire to these positions are typically advised to develop their professional networks. My research question asks how young college-affiliated adults ages 18-25 perceive networking relationships, how they develop and maintain networking ties, and how effective those networks truly are in their career trajectory. First, I will investigate how college students interning in the city view and participate in social and/or digital networking. Next, I will interview Cal in the Capital Alumni in D.C. who have become successful through networking and identify how they advanced in their career. Lastly, I will study three professional societies to see how other networking venues worked for those individuals. My goal for this project is to provide young professionals information on how networking ties truly advance career opportunities and to begin collecting data to contribute to my senior thesis.

Message To Sponsor

I am honored to be selected as a SURF recipient and to start research of my own. Receiving this fellowship means that I get to spend my summer researching something that truly interests me and furthermore provide information to young professionals trying to break into the business world. I am excited to meet new and exciting people who have little experience or have mastered the networking system. Lastly, I am grateful for my mentors who have kindly met with me for hours on end and truly believe in my project.
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Major: Political Science, Anthropology
Mentor: Eric Schickler, Political Science
Sponsor: JSB Fund
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