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Sam Duffy L&S Arts & Humanities

Communication Under Colonialism Within Latin American Magical Realism

Interaction between in- and out-groups is foundational to magical realist works. They depict the ways in which the arrival and subsequent impact of colonialism to Latin America forced in-groups to become increasingly wary of out-groups. These works illustrate the impact of colonialism on—and the resilient continuation of—cultures that colonizers would erase, and the resulting shift in communication with outsiders. My project will examine the alteration of out-group interaction following the arrival of colonialism to Latin America as portrayed in the magical realism genre. By conducting a survey of Latin American magical realism and relevant post-colonial theory, the project will explore how magical realism is uniquely suited to addressing colonialism’s lasting impact on communities’ communications. Ultimately, this project seeks to offer new ways of understanding magical realism’s portrayal of colonialism through a previously unexplored lens while also offering a new perspective to post-colonialist readings of magical realist texts.

Message To Sponsor

I would like to thank my donors for their generous support of my research. I am thrilled for this opportunity to research literature important to me. The genre of magical realism encompasses so much that has not yet been explored in academia, which I hope to highlight with my project.
Major: English
Mentor: Timothy Tangherlini
Sponsor: Anselm A&H Fund
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