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Seita Onishi L&S Sciences

Development of Cryogenic Si-Ge Amplifier for L and X Bands

My project is to design, test and construct an electronic amplifier customized for data-taking in low temperature experiments (liquid helium cooled) at the Quantum Nanoelectronics Laboratory. Electrical signals from experiment samples are too weak to be measured directly, so this amplifier will make the signals stronger. For the transistor, the essential part of the amplifier, I will use a commercial Silicon-Germanium transistor, which is known for its low cost. Using computer simulations and testing of the amplifier characteristics, amplifiers for various experiments in the lab demanding different frequency ranges can be made (for example 5-6GHz, 1-3GHz). I will optimize the amplifier to work at cryogenic temperatures with minimum power dissipation and noise for maximum gain.

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This is an exciting opportunity to be more focused on not only my senior thesis project but my major as well. A large part of experimental physics is spending time in the lab. Working full time in the summer lets me see what its like to work in this field. When I have a long term project to aim for, the experience becomes even closer to what I will later face in my career. I will learn the challenges of carrying out plans for a long term goal and the responsibilities to my own plans and other project members. This new challenge will reveal more of my strengths and weaknesses to me.
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Major: Physics
Mentor: Irfan Siddiqi, Physics
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