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Sophia Gaynes Rose Hills

Developing a New Method of Measuring the magnetoelectric Switching in BiFeO3 at the Nanoscale

This summer, I will be working in the Ramesh Group to develop a new method of measuring the magnetoelectric switching in BiFeO3 (bismuth ferrite) at the nanoscale. BiFeO3 is a magnetoelectric multiferroic material meaning that it has coupled and stable electric and magnetic polarization without the presence of an external electric or magnetic field. This material was discovered in the Ramesh Group in 2003 and is still the subject of investigation in the lab. BiFeO3 has promise for use in the future of memory storage devices. One of the current goals of the Ramesh Group is to reduce the energy consumption for these devices. The results of my project will allow us to determine the fundamental limits of energy consumption in this material, minimizing contributions from extrinsic defects, in turn, furthering the promise of these materials in next generation memory devices.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you to the Rose Hills Foundation for supporting my research experience this summer! I have learned so many new applicable skills for work in a physics lab as well as teamwork strategies, and presentation techniques that will serve me in my future career in physics. Learning from several brilliant mentors has shown me what a successful career in science looks like and that I too would like to serve in a mentorship role in the future. I am so excited to take the knowledge I've gained and apply it to new avenues in physics in the upcoming semester.
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Major: Physics
Mentor: Ramamoorthy Ramesh
Sponsor: Rose Hills Experience
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