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Soumil Jain SURF SMART

Connected Smart Hospitals Enabled by Visible Light Communication

What makes a smart building smart? Does a smart building or space trigger behavioural changes in users and their interactions with the space? Transformation in health and medicine calls for innovation and integration of information science and engineering approaches to revolutionize healthcare delivery systems, including high-performance wireless communication and sensing technologies. This study is part of an NSF-funded project and will focus on developing event-based behavioural models to simulate building-user interactions in hospital settings, to predict human behaviour in a hospital and optimize design.

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Through this experience, I have discovered many issues with hospitals and have started thinking about ways to improve them. This research has helped me explore my passion for healthcare technology. I have also become a much better programmer and organized thinker. I will carry these skills for the rest of my career. Thank you Johnson fund!
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Major: Intended Economics/Data Science/MCB
Mentor: Haripriya Sathyanarayanan
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