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Susana Torres-Londono L&S Sciences

Monte Carlo Simulation of FeCoNbS2's Magnetism

For my research, I will use a computer simulation to predict the macroscopic behaviour of a material, FeCoNbS2, by making assumptions about its microscopics. To do this, I will use the Monte Carlo method to simulate FeCoNbS2’s magnetism. The Monte Carlo method is a random sampling algorithm that has been applied to everything from investment banking to climate change models. Magnetism is a fundamental physical phenomena that has vast implications in computer and circuit technology. Thus, studying magnetism using the Monte Carlo method is a pretty interesting task which combines two relevant scientific topics. Studying FeCoNbS2, in particular, will yield new insight into a previously unstudied material and potentially offer direction for future studies on the practical application of this material. When I am able to return to on-campus work, my ultimate goal will be to physically grow FeCoNbS2 and measure its magnetic propertiies and compare these results to my simulation.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much for your support this summer; it gave me financial peace of mind and the confidence to dive wholeheartedly into my research. Because of your contributions, I have been blessed with academic and personal growth even during these trying times. I learned new computation and experimental techniques in my field while also having time for personal growth and self-reflection. Working with other people in my subfield of research through SURF, I have been motivated to attend grad school for a Materials Science PhD. I will be the first Black woman in my family to attend graduate school and I feel much more prepared as a result of your contributions.
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Major: Physics
Mentor: James Analytis
Sponsor: Kwatinetz Fund
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