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Taqwa Hasan Humanities and Social Science

Throwing Stones --A Palestinian Boy's Manhood: The Affects of Youth Imprisonment on Palestinian Males

This research project studies the impact of imprisonment on men living in occupied territories in the Middle East. First, I will assess the systematic incarceration of male children in the Middle East. Second, I will study the current employed and education levels of men who were incarcerated in their youth. Finally I will investigate the family dynamics and shifting gender roles within the nuclear families of youth who were imprisoned. This project seeks to address the importance of maintaining children rights in processes of incarceration and after release, while shedding light on the systematic impediments youth incarceration creates on the development of households.

Message To Sponsor

SURF has provided me with an opportunity that I am incredibly grateful for. My investment in childrens rights has been deepened by my experiences of working with refugee children in various places in the Middle East, where systematic youth incarceration has become a norm in their environment. Seeing many of their bright talents and potentials, I worry that they will also be susceptible to actions that will lead to their imprisonment, which would hinder their educational and social development during crucial years. I hope this summer research will show the importance of focusing on childrens rights in the Middle East.
Major: Middle Eastern Studies
Mentor: Emily Gottreich, History and Middle Eastern Studies
Sponsor: JSB Fund
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