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Tatum Hurley L&S Social Sciences

Mapping Accessibility in East Bay Public Transportation

Over 100,000 people rely on the Alameda County (AC) Transit system to move around the Bay Area every day. Yet, there is a notable lack of proper bus stop infrastructure to support riders, even as wait times can reach upwards of thirty minutes. I intend to perform a census of AC Transit bus stops in Berkeley and Oakland to collect data on amenities such as benches and shelters, and hostile architecture features such as bench obstructions. This project seeks to identify any patterns in the presence or absence of these attributes across neighborhoods in the East Bay. Grounded in the fields of Disability Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Black Ecology, my work aims to understand how the bus stop, a ubiquitous but often overlooked element of our lived environment, functions to other and exclude certain bodies from daily life.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much for your support of my project! I am so grateful to be able to perform this research over the summer, and I hope my work can contribute something insightful to the field. Thank you for supporting undergraduate research!
Major: Society and Environment and Ethnic Studies
Mentor: Alastair Iles
Sponsor: Wishek Fund
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