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Thamine Dalichaouch Rose Hills

Investigating the Effects of Electric Field Noise from Metallic Surfaces on Ultra-Low Temperature Ion Traps at Low Frequencies

The objective of this work is to study electric field noise from metallic surfaces at low frequencies observed in ultra-low temperature ion traps. This source of noise has been a major issue for ion trapping experiments because it heats up the cold ions several orders of magnitude faster than what was expected. This heating is a serious problem and hinders progress in the use of ions, as dependably controllable qubits, toward a scalable quantum computer. The expected benefits from this research is the determination of the frequency scaling of this anomalous heating, which will shed light on the origin of this noise and, in turn, on ways to mitigate it.

Message To Sponsor

The SURF program has provided me with the opportunity to pursue independent research in one of the most fascinating and timely fields of physics. I am thrilled to be doing research on quantum computing, which is at the cornerstone of physics and computer science. I hope to gain experience relevant for graduate studies and industry from my work this summer.
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Major: Physics, Computer Science
Mentor: Hartmut Haeffner, Physics
Sponsor: Rose Hills Foundation
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