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Vladimir Kremenetski Rose Hills

Finding circuit layout and Hamiltonian to optimize quantum variational eigensolver

Quantum computers promise tremendous gains in computational efficiency to a number of important areas in STEM. Among these, few are as promising as the ability of quantum computers to simulate atomic-scale (and thus quantum) systems. A specific topic of interest in this area is using the simulations to find the ground state energy of particularly cumbersome energy systems. However, many barriers still exist in the way of this theoretical benefit becoming a real advantage. One such barrier is the difficulty of designing the gate layout . The goal of the research I am proposing is to help overcome this barrier by writing software that will take tensor networks and computation steps suggested by an algorithm for the ground state and generate a circuit for preparing them in a way that minimizes the use of less reliable gates/hardware. I will also investigate different mathematical classes of Hamiltonians (i.e. energy systems) to find those where my previous summer’s algorithm both offers substantial computational advantage and would rely minimally on more difficult-to-implement circuitry while trying to find the lowest energy state.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you very much! Your decision to fund me will play a critical role in enabling my further growth and understanding of this field. The experiences I will have (and had last year with this program) have well-prepared me for the sort of independent work Graduate School will demand of me.
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Major: Physics/Applied Math
Mentor: Birgitta Whaley
Sponsor: Rose Hills Independent
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