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Searching for New Superconductors: Transition Metal Oxides

Superconductors are materials where quantum mechanical interactions between the constituent electrons induce a state with zero electrical resistance. They are often used in MRI machines and precision magnetometers. However, their applicability is hindered by the requisite cryogenic temperatures. Therefore, the discovery of novel superconductors that operate at higher temperatures is of tremendous fundamental and practical interest. This project focuses on inducing superconductivity in a class of materials called the delafossites, some of which have been theoretically predicted to host superconductivity under certain conditions. I will work closely with my graduate student mentor at Lawrence Berkeley Lab, where we will systematically develop a growth recipe for delafossite oxides by iterating on published techniques in the literature. I will learn the physics behind each of our characterization tools (magnetization, x-ray diffraction, resistivity, etc.) and the microscopic insight each of them provides. I will also gain practical experience with single crystal synthesis.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much for supporting me through this extremely difficult time. Being a SURF scholar makes me feel that my research project is valuable and meaningful. I will continue on the project in the semester and use it as the foundation for my senior thesis!
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Major: Physics
Mentor: Nikola Maksimovic
Sponsor: Anonymous
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