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Winston Pouse Rose Hills

Development of Kinetic Inductance Phonon Sensors

Dark matter makes up about 23% of the total mass energy in the universe, a significant portion compared to the 5% of ordinary matter (atoms). However, dark matter has yet to be directly detected. Science is thus pushing towards better detectors. Currently Dr. Sadoulets lab is helping develop Kinetic Inductance Detectors (KIDs). These detectors are easier to fabricate and provide uniformity in performance between detectors. I will investigate a few issues or challenges that need to be overcome to develop an effective sensor technology. Firstly, I will resolve a discrepancy between designed and actual parameters of the detector. Secondly, I will help improve the signal to noise ratio of KIDs. Accomplishing these tasks will help establish KIDs as a reliable and sensitive detector.

Message To Sponsor

I am extremely honored to be chosen as a SURF Rose Hills Experience Fellow. The funding allows me to pursue a significant opportunity to do dedicated research in Physics. This opportunity provides experience and work that would not be possible during the school year. It will also be invaluable as a stepping stone into furthering my career as a physicist and preparing me for graduate school. This is all made possible by the SURF program and the Rose Hills Foundation, and I am grateful for that.
Major: Physics
Mentor: Bernard Sadoulet, Physics
Sponsor: SURF Rose Hills fellow
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