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Xiamara Martinez Peredia SURF SMART

Why Self-Love & Connectedness Matters: Enhancing Positive Outcomes among Transition-Age Youth

This project will focus on transition-age youth (TAY) in the foster care system. TAY are among the most vulnerable young adults in our society and are at increased risk for various negative outcomes including homelessness and low educational attainment. Although the child welfare system is concerned with improving their outcomes, it has not considered how their histories of maltreatment and foster care may impact their self-love and their subsequent relationships with adults. This project will employ a mixed-methods approach and aims to: 1. Examine the impact of maltreatment and foster care on youths self-love and social networks. 2. Examine the impact of self-love and social network characteristics on youths outcomes.

Message To Sponsor

I am very excited to gain this new experience and mentor. I look forward to all the knowledge I will learn and share. Thank you and I appreciate this amazing opportunity.
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Major: Philosophy
Mentor: Mayra Cazares
Sponsor: Johnson Fund
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