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An Investigation of Redshift-Space Distortion(RSD) and Alcock-Paczynski(AP) Test Degeneracy

This project aims at providing constraints on the dark energy parameters through galaxy surveys. In theory, given the precise values of cosmological parameters, including the dark energy parameters (e.g., the density parameter ), we are able to determine the history and the ultimate fate of the universe.Therefore, to better understand the evolution of the universe and to improve current related theories in physics, we need to determine the values of dark energy parameters with higher precision to put in another way, we need to put further constraints on the parameters. To date, physicists have established several independent methods to constrain the dark energy parameters, while recent research suggested that the methods gained stronger constraining power when taken as a whole. Given the situation, this project intends to find a good combination of two existing methods (Redshift-Space Distortion and Alcock-Paczynski Test) through galaxy surveys, trying to provide further constraints on the dark energy parameters.

Message To Sponsor

Since I was young, I have always dreamed of exploring the universe. When I entered college, I continued to pursue my dream - I chose to major in physics and mathematics, and I will go to physics graduate school after college. More importantly, this research project marks the beginning of my exploration, since this is my first project in which I will try to reveal the part of the universe that is unknown to human beings. I am extremely excited about it. In addition, this research project is a great opportunity for me to prepare for graduate school research.
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Major: Physics, Mathematics
Mentor: Uros Seljak, Physics
Sponsor: Pergo Fund
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