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Youyou Xu L&S Social Sciences

Overconfident ML Architectures and Their Psychological Analogs

Human decision processes often succumb to overconfidence: feeling excessively certain.This study aims to bridge psychology and computer science, and uncover the factors that drive overconfidence in both humans and machines. I identify a cohesive set of quantitative heuristics that impact confidence judgments in both humans and machines while also distinguishing factors that apply exclusively to either of them. If successful, the study’s findings might yield insights that help to better calibrate human confidence and improve uncertainty quantification for ensemble and neural network models in computer vision and image processing.

Message To Sponsor

I want to express our heartfelt gratitude for his generous support of my SURF project. His academic insights and detailed feedbacks are instrumental in the construction of my model, and also provides so many suggestions on the methodology of my research.
Major: Statistics and Economics
Mentor: David Holtz
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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