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Yuan Feng L&S Sciences

Probing the CP Properties of the Top-Higgs Interaction

What is the universe made of? This fundamental question haunting us for thousands of years has been answered by the Standard Model (SM), which gives us the results with unprecedented accuracy. The SM provides a set of rules that governs elementary particle interactions, but there must be something missing. A big hint here is that SM doesnt explain the asymmetry between matter and antimatter, the nature of dark matter, and the quantum behavior of gravity. Physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM) must exist. The ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) investigates a wide range of BSM physics. Measuring the properties of the Higgs boson is a powerful path. This project will focus on searching for single top Higgs production. Specifically, I will design analysis to measure the event rate of the tH process in which the Higgs boson has a high transverse momentum and decays to a pair of b-quarks. Any observation of a large enhancement of tH cross-sections could be a sign of new physics.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much for your generous donation to the SURF L&S program. Through your donation, I will be able to conduct my research at the ATLAS experiment and continue my journey of searching for new physics this summer. You truly make a difference for me, and I am sincerely grateful.
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Major: Physics
Mentor: Haichen Wang
Sponsor: Anselm MPS Fund
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