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Yueling Lisa Li L&S Arts & Humanities

A Global Material Culture Through Chinese and Portuguese Ceramics

My project seeks to establish a trajectory of the material, technical and stylistic transformation of ceramics by comparing Chinese and Portuguese ceramics object produced in early modern period. Chinese porcelain has been a continuing source of fascination for global importers, and among the vast diversity of styles the most famous type is the blue and white porcelain, which comprises the majority of Chinese export cargoes to ports across Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe. Influenced by the Chinese porcelains, European pottery studios assimilated the popular chinoiserie style and firing and glazing techniques to produce local versions of blue and white porcelain wares. The Portuguese azulejo tile art has an Islamic origin from the Moorish occupation, but is also rejuvenated when the blue and white monochrome glaze is surfaced to fashion by the mass porcelain trade with China. What were the modes of exchange fostered by Chinese porcelain in 14-18th century Portugal? How do they influence one another in terms of material, techniques, and style?

Message To Sponsor

I’m greatly thankful for the generous support. The fund has allowed me to travel to museums, archive and scholar institutions across US and Europe and access artworks, visual materials and writings that would be inaccessible otherwise.
Major: History of Art, Cognitive Science
Mentor: Margaretta Lovell
Sponsor: Anselm A&H Fund
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