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Yuniba Yagues SURF SMART

Modeling and Testing of Eco-friendly Piezoelectret Sensor for Anthropocentric Pressure Measurements

The ability to measure vibrations is a vital engineering problem. From measuring pulse for health diagnostics to sensing pressure on a touch screen for a smart phone, the applications vary far and wide. In our group we study the use of polymer-based devices called piezoelectrets to measure pressure signals for a variety of applications. Our microfabricated polymer approach yields superior flexibility, piezoelectric coefficients, and costeffectiveness when compared to traditional ceramic material competitors. The devices themselves also vary in material composition and geometry depending on the application. In this project we explore the potential of using environmentally friendly materials for the fabrication of a piezoelectret pressure sensor without compromising performance.

Message To Sponsor

I wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to you Mr. Johnson because this experience has been the first time I have been given the opportunity to do research here at Berkeley. As a transfer student sometimes I feel like I'm behind in experiences like these but now I can confidently apply to other opportunities and continue to expand my educational experience. The research we did this summer will add to the growing field of wearable electronics and will hopefully continue to be developed into a better device that can improve the health of those in communities with limited resources. Thank you again for everything you do for the UC Berkeley community but mostly for funding my research this summer, this is what I love to do and I have learned so much about grad school and research that has confirmed my passion.
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Major: Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering
Mentor: Neil Ramirez
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