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Zachary Lentz Rose Hills

Bouncing Droplet

My research is centered around the mechanics of a bouncing fluid droplet, whose bouncing motion can be sustained indefinitely above a bath of the same fluid. This system has gained interest lately due to a mathematical similarity between the motion of these droplets and the behavior of quantum particles. My project aims to test the leading hypothesis for the dynamics behind the droplets bouncing motion through a thorough investigation of air viscosity.

Message To Sponsor

I would like to thank my donors and the Rose Hills Foundation for this excellent opportunity. The pursuit of knowledge and the exploration of the unknown are my passions, and I am looking forward to a productive and engaging summer in the lab, with a project that I am very interested in. Moreover, on behalf of the other students, I would like to thank you for funding this program on a larger scale. Its really a great cause and Im excited to learn about what the other SURF fellows are working on this summer.
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Major: Engineering Physics
Mentor: M. Reza Alam, Mechanical Engineering
Sponsor: SURF Rose Hills fellow
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