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Zhicheng Li L&S Sciences

Quantum Material Study of Spintronics

Data loss is a major issue in modern electronics. Charged-based devices are vulnerable to ionizing radiation, while ferromagnetic-based memory devices are susceptible to data loss from external magnetic fields. However, Antiferromagnetic (AFM)-based memory devices are robust to both charge and magnetic field perturbations. There exist a few materials whose AFM spin textures can be electrically switched”: an applied current induces a spin polarization, exerting a spin-orbit torque on the magnetic domains. This torque rotates the conductivity tensor, providing a switch between distinct resistance states. My research seeks to leverage the correlated behavior of transition metal dichalcogenides (TMD) that exhibit superconductivity, magnetism, charge density waves (CDW), and Mott physics. Magnetically intercalated TMDs can possess competing AFM orders, which can form a platform to build electrically switchable antiferromagnetic-based devices. Analogous to the AFM domains, we also seek to explore the possibility of electrically controlling the electronic charge order reconstruction of CDWs found in pristine TMDs. In this case, the electrically switchable device would be based on the manipulation of the CDWs.

Message To Sponsor

l am writing in appreciation of your generous contribution to the scholarship awards for the University of California, Berkeley. With your support, I have received the SURF fellowship, which will help me to continue my research at the Berkeley. This summer I will conduct research on Condensed Matter Physics under the fellowship. With your generosity, I will continue to learn and contribute to the field of science.
Major: Physics
Mentor: James Analytis
Sponsor: Guthrie Fund
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