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Zia Bajwa L&S Social Sciences

Inductive Coding of Provider Reports for the TranS-C Treatment Program

The specific question that my research investigates is how might we better understand and optimize implementation outcomes for a novel transdiagnostic sleep intervention designed for psychiatric populations. More specifically, the goal of this project is to inductively code providers evaluations of the Transdiagnostic Intervention for Sleep and Circadian Dysfunction (TranS-C), thus providing important insight into the efficacy of this sleep-focused program’s implementation. This project contributes new knowledge to the field of psychology by attempting to more deeply understand how to properly and effectively implement novel therapies, especially for those with severe mental illness (SMI) and in community-based health centers (CBHC). It is incredibly important to meet the needs of both patients and providers when creating and implementing a novel treatment, and this project aims to precisely understand to what extent the TranS-C program is doing so. Thus, my research will inductively code providers assessments of the TranS-C treatment for the intended use with patients with SMI in CBHC.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much for funding my summer research and supporting the incredible SURF program. Your support has provided me with the amazing opportunity to conduct independent research and further my academic passions. Your generosity is so appreciated.
Major: Cognitive Science
Mentor: Allison Harvey
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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