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Zoe Haynes Rose Hills

Communication of Smoke Exposure Risk According to Socioeconomic Status

Socioeconomic status is a key indicator of the likelihood to experience detrimental health effects when exposed to environmental pollution. Low-income communities have higher rates of pre-existing health conditions and lower rates of protection measures from pollution in their environments, causing them to be at a higher risk of new or worsening of existing diseases related to air quality 3. Accessible, personalized support to mitigate one’s risk of exposure to contaminated air is proposed here as a solution. This project will analyze the difference in changes in behavior between residents of census tracts of high and low poverty percentile 4 when given personal exposure risk data. My hypothesis is that lower income residents will have less ability to lower their exposure risk themselves and will need more external support. This summer, I will be distributing various formats of exposure risk information, from public information about local levels to personal risk levels based on wearable APT sensors, that record individual exposures. I will also document the changes in behavior of individuals based on the results they receive and compare the changes in behavior across different income levels.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much for creating this opportunity for me to gain research experience in my field of interest. I am so happy to be able to follow my dreams without having a financial burden in the process. You are opening doors for students who never imagined they would make it this far, and who will make a difference in the future.
Major: Civil Engineering
Mentor: Cesunica Ivey
Sponsor: SURF Rose Hills
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