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Alp Altug

Groundwater Sustainability Finance

This summer research project at the University of California focuses on the governance of groundwater resources, a critical issue facing the state due to significant aquifer depletion. I will assist in mapping the governance structures of California’s groundwater sustainability agencies using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). By analyzing these structures in relation to groundwater management outcomes, we aim to uncover correlations that may inform policy decisions and improve resource equity. This interdisciplinary study offers a unique opportunity to contribute to published research and gain a deep understanding of the intersection between environmental management and governance.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much for your support! Your generosity enables me to focus entirely on my groundwater sustainability research this summer. I am truly grateful for this chance to deepen my expertise and contribute to our field. I'm committed to working hard and achieving impactful results that I can share with the academic community. Your support not only helps me advance academically but also inspires me personally to strive for excellence in my studies and future career.
Major: Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Mentor: Michael Kiparsky, Wheeler Water Institute, School of Law
Sponsor: Cheunkarndee Fund
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