Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

URAP Donor Reports 2022

Profile image of Bocheng (Brandon) CaiProfile image of Bocheng (Brandon) Cai

Bocheng (Brandon) Cai

Comparative effectiveness of health coaching and technology interventions on patients with uncontrolled hypertension
Profile image of Nick JiangProfile image of Nick Jiang

Nick Jiang

Use of Design Thinking by Product Managers and their Teams
Profile image of Kayla LeeProfile image of Kayla Lee

Kayla Lee

Exercise Metabolism: The Effects of Physical Fitness on Metabolism in Aging
Profile image of Zaidie LongProfile image of Zaidie Long

Zaidie Long

Open Source Investigation for the Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar
Profile image of Hilary LuProfile image of Hilary Lu

Hilary Lu

Perceptual Learning and Stereo Vision Recovery with Virtual Reality
Profile image of Sana PrasadProfile image of Sana Prasad

Sana Prasad

Sexual and Reproductive Health Interventions in South India
Profile image of Aditi PutturProfile image of Aditi Puttur

Aditi Puttur

HERE2PSW: Helping Educators Use Research Evidence to Promote Student Wellbeing
Profile image of Emily RobbinsProfile image of Emily Robbins

Emily Robbins

Sorting & Stratifying in Housing: The Intersectional Impacts of Race, Gender, and Health on Housing Insecurity
Profile image of Kellie RongProfile image of Kellie Rong

Kellie Rong

Pupil Response & Recovery Rates and Clinical Effects of Low Dose Atropine
Profile image of Sharanya SahuProfile image of Sharanya Sahu

Sharanya Sahu

Maximum Entropy Theory of Ecology in Disturbed Ecosystems
Profile image of Kimberly SalazarProfile image of Kimberly Salazar

Kimberly Salazar

Exploring Barriers to Higher Education Faced by CalWorks Student-Parents
Profile image of Maya SapienzaProfile image of Maya Sapienza

Maya Sapienza

Designed Erasure: Mapping Infrastructure & Black Urban Life
Profile image of Daisy SonProfile image of Daisy Son

Daisy Son

Renaming and Removal of Harmful Names and Monuments on CA Transportation Right of Way
Profile image of Leo SongProfile image of Leo Song

Leo Song

Octopus chierchiae Life History and Body Pattern
Profile image of Jerry SunProfile image of Jerry Sun

Jerry Sun

Thermal physiological differences in Aegean wall lizard color morphs
Profile image of Saurav SureshProfile image of Saurav Suresh

Saurav Suresh

Eye Movement Prediction for Dedicated Search Task and Improved Model for Saccade Detection.
Profile image of Jenny YeProfile image of Jenny Ye

Jenny Ye

Computer Science for Racial Justice

Ryan Yu

Effects of Chronic and Acute Radiation on the Brain in ApoE Mice