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Daniel Cabrera

Understanding Urban Politics in Argentina and Brazil

Our project seeks to better understand municipal politics in Argentina and Brazil by examining interactions between city council members, mayors, and citizens using several types of media. Over the spring semester, we collected recordings of municipal council meetings and built a database of transcriptions for text analysis. This summer I will be helping to build a process that will automate the downloading of new meeting recordings, their corresponding transcriptions, and systematic filing for eventual analysis.


Message To Sponsor

I am so grateful to have received funding for this research project. Working with Professor Post has been one of the highlights of my Berkeley experience. To be able to continue assisting her research through the summer is a great honor. This fellowship will allow me to continue to hone my research skills in text analysis, build new skills in Python programming, and simply gain a better understanding of how an academic research project is built from the ground up. The funding I received will let me focus solely on this project without having to worry about seeking out other financial resources. Thank you!
Major: Political Science
Mentor: Alison Post, Political Science
Sponsor: Cheunkarndee Fund
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