Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Jishan Jiang

Toward Equity by Design

The project revolves around redefining equity and sustainability within educational systems. It will delve into how learning environments can radically transform structural inequalities, guided by a focus on social design-based experiments (SDBEs). Moreover, we will explore methods to integrate culture, histories and practices of underrepresented communities into future learning strategies. This project acknowledges the creation of innovative tools and practices that respect and utilize cultural diversity to enhance educational resilience and transformation.

Message To Sponsor

I am very grateful for your generous donation and support of the Summer Fellows program! This opportunity will not only enrich my academic journey but also deeply influence my personal development. By engaging in research that seeks to transform educational inequities, your support will enable me to pursue meaningful changes in education, thereby creating a positive impact on the communities I aim to serve.
Major: Legal Studies and Data Science, Education Minor
Mentor: Kris Gutierrez, School of Education
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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