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Rebecca Haile

Assessing the Increase of Underrepresented Minority Students in Public Health Informatics Courses: Longitudinal and Mixed Methods Approaches

My summer research project will involve data cleaning/visualizations for 2 new Public Health Informatics courses to present to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology including: number and demographics of underrepresented minority students; demographic changes over time; and visualizations for each type of data/demographic (race/ethnicity/age/gender/undergraduate vs graduate/URM vs. not URM). We will also interview a small subset of students and undertake qualitative data analysis to identify strategies to increase underrepresented students in these courses. I will complete related readings, informatics coursework, and prepare an abstract to submit to a local conference.

Message To Sponsor

I am very grateful to my donor for allowing me to continue doing this research over the summer and to receive compensation for it. I have loved working with Dr. Ivey over the course of this year and I appreciate the donation to allow me to continue to do so. As a person interested in academia, this opportunity is very beneficial in advancing me towards my future career goals.
Major: Public Health and Data Science
Mentor: Susan Ivey, Public Health
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