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Angela S Chung

Psychology of Space

People select and manipulate their environments constantly to best fit the tasks they need to complete/support the cognitive and emotional states necessary. This summer, I will be assisting my research mentor in data collection and paper writing on acoustical experiences in the workplace and emotional expression in a space. This research can better architects, engineers, and the general public as we discover the ways occupants can use the spaces around them to increase comfort and productivity. I’m excited to help bring this research to fruition and gather insightful data that can better instruct design and building technologies in our built environments.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much for supporting the URAP Summer Research Program! Working with my research mentor over the summer has truly helped me develop a closer relationship with my mentor and continue working with her through the Fall semester. I was able to learn a lot of different skills such as creating visuals in Excel as well as reviewing and revising research reports as they approached the final stages of publication. Thank you again for your generous donation!
Major: Architecture and Rhetoric
Mentor: Lindsay Graham, Center for the Built Environment
Sponsor: Cheunkarndee Fund
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