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Arpna Ghanshani

Understanding Youth Empowerment Through Program Evaluation, Curriculum Planning, and Scholarly Writing

The Youth Advocacy Program (YAP) recruited, developed, and evaluated a High School Outreach Series to teach youth about child marriage and how they can become advocates for child marriage prevention. After a year of successful workshops, I look forward to synthesizing evaluation efforts into informational sheets and data visualizations that can be disseminated to potential donors and stakeholders. I will be working with Dr. Deardorff on developing a theory of change model for the program, and Dr. Prata on writing a brief that distills information on youth empowerment and child marriage. Finally, in collaboration with other Youth Equity Scholar (YES) students and Dr. Schotland, I will be analyzing post program data and addressing feedback as we develop the curriculum for next year’s YES cohort.

Message To Sponsor

I'm incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to continue my year-long research project and see the program to completion! A special thank you to my 4 amazing faculty members!
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Major: Public Health & Data Science
Mentor: Ndola Prata, Bixby Center for Population Health & Sustainability; Julianna Deardorff, School of Public Health; Marieka Schotland, Innovations for Youth (i4Y)
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