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Celeste Gonzalez

Forming A Math Crew: A Design Approach to Supporting Beginning Teachers

Math Crew is a group geared towards first-year elementary school teachers, facilitated by Mallika Scott, my mentor who is working under Professor Alan Schoenfeld, as she recognized the need for a space to discuss relevant issues that teachers face on the day-to-day basis and support theses teacher’s vision of creating a more equitable math classroom. Through qualitatively analyzing one hour videos, emails and end of the semester teacher responses, the goal of this research is to demonstrate the changes these teachers experienced by participating in Math Crew.

Message To Sponsor

I greatly appreciate the opportunity that has been provided by URAP. As a first generation, low-income, Latina, pursuing a career in mathematics education, this opportunity has allowed me to develop skills with regards to research that I would have never thought existed. By participating this summer as a research assistant, I will be able to continue working with my mentor on a topic which I am very interested: math education.
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Major: Mathematics & Spanish
Mentor: Mallika Scott
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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