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Cheenar Gupte

Understanding Sports (NBA/MLB/NFL) Ticket Prices

This summer I will continue the research I have been a part of since Fall 2017, primarily working on updating and refining the code used to gather and query data. Additionally, my group has been collecting additional data from a variety of sources to try and see how different factors ranging from weather and air quality to availability of housing affect consumer ticket value and how much of that ticket value we can attribute to each of those factors.

Message To Sponsor

The URAP program has been very beneficial to my undergraduate experience and has helped me develop myself beyond the classroom. The opportunities I have been able to jump on not just directly through research involvement have really been an impact on my life. As such, I am really thankful to have received this research grant because I can continue to hone my interests in academia and take on larger roles in my research group.
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Major: Data Science
Mentor: David Zilberman
Sponsor: DeBenedetti Fund
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