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Claire Black

Apologies in International Relations

Professor Mattes’ project analyzes the conditions in which countries apologize, or refuse to apologize, to each other for historic wrongs. I will continue to look into international apologies, including Japanese apologies after WWII, to understand the reactions to these apologies and the context of giving them. Do international apologies really help with reconciliation between two states. If not, why not?

Message To Sponsor

I really appreciate having the opportunity to continue work with my faculty mentor. The research helped inspire me to continue work within social science fields, and kept me sane during this difficult time. In a time where millions are losing their jobs, I was very fortunate to have this stipend. Now more than ever, it is exceedingly important that donors like you support academic institutions. Thank you so much for supporting the research at Berkeley.
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Major: Political Science
Mentor: Michaela Mattes, Political Science
Sponsor: Shin-Morgan
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