Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Deborah Shin

Archive of Urban Futures

The Archive of Urban Futures is a project in collaboration with Moms 4 Housing, an activated group situated in Oakland. The Archive utilizes the oral history of the Moms in order to focus on the erasure of the Oakland Black population. By recording the history, observations, and passions of residents within the community, the Archive will become a living database accessible to all. The recorded oral histories illustrate the future envisioned by the current and past citizens of Oakland who continually fight for the right to place. This Archive confronts the past and questions what the future could have been. 

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much for the support and opportunity to continue working on the Archive this summer. I am so grateful to work alongside such a passionate, inspiring, and encouraging team; I have been able to gain more knowledge about growing the housing crisis through open conversations and reflections. Experiences like these continue to act as catalysts for my passion and professional growth. Thank you!
Major: Urban Studies, Conservation and Resource Studies
Mentor: Brandi T. Summers/Geography
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